Being more connected does not mean young people are less lonely

Loneliness Awareness Week is currently taking place across the UK. This year’s theme is reducing the stigma around loneliness. IF Junior Researcher Melissa Bui assesses whether young people are indeed more connected, how this relates to their experiences of loneliness, and what is being done about it

IF’s research features strongly in the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration’s Interim Report

The recently-launched interim report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration drew heavily on IF’s analysis of age segregation in England and Wales. David Kingman looks at what conclusions they reached about how to combat the lack of integration between different generations

Why intergenerational fairness matters in struggling communities

How is intergenerational fairness viewed in some of England’s most deprived communities? In 2017 Local Trust asked the Intergenerational Foundation to research this, and the result is a report just published. IF’s Antony Mason, the author of the report, explains the background, and why the conclusion should make policy-makers sit up and think

Will the next Prime Minister address the crisis in English social care?

The hustings to be the next leader of the Conservative Party – and Prime Minister – have so far been dominated by the candidates’ differing views on Brexit. But with the funding crisis in English social care showing no signs of abating, the next occupant of Number 10 Downing Street may also have to try… Read more »