Intergenerational fairness and the King’s Speech

The King’s Speech sets the legislative agenda for the next parliament by laying out the vision of the new government. Does this legislation appear to be intergenerationally fair? IF researcher, Toby Whelton, investigates.

A fairer social contract for the young: Three potential solutions

The dawn of a new government presents an opportunity for a fairer social contract to be forged, one which places intergenerational fairness at its core. IF volunteer, Max Whelton, investigates the three most pressing intergenerational issues that need addressing in this social contract: democratic imbalance, the housing crisis and achieving net-zero.

IF 2024 manifesto audit 4: mental health

IF researcher, Toby Whelton, looks at what the parties are promising on mental health ahead of the 2024 General Election

IF 2024 manifesto audit 3: housing

What are the housing offers for younger generations this General Election? Liz Emerson, IF CEO, explains in this short housing manifesto audit.

IF 2024 manifesto audit 2: environment

With only days until the 2024 General Election, Toby Whelton, IF researcher, gives a breakdown on what the different parties are offering on the environment – from net zero to clean energy to the insulation of British homes.

IF 2024 manifesto audit 1: education

With less than a week to go until the 2024 General Election, Toby Whelton, IF researcher, gives a whistle-stop tour of what the different parties are offering on education – from pre-school childcare through to further and higher education finance as part of IF’s general election audit.

The potential impact of young voters on the 2024 general election

There is a sense amongst the young British electorate that they are powerless in affecting change in politics, especially through their vote. However, Toby Whelton, IF researcher, argues that while the odds may be stacked against them, there is still real potential for the young to shape the upcoming election.

General Election: Intergenerational inequality is the elephant in the room, not debates about tax

IF supporter, Daniel Harrison, asks why politicians are deliberately avoiding the really big issue facing our country? General election tax promises Observing political parties squabble about the precise level of taxation needed in the run up to the General Election,  one would think that taxation is either the problem or the panacea that will solve… Read more »

Intergenerational Fairness in the General Election

Proposed policies such as national service and commitments to maintain the triple lock have put debates about intergenerational unfairness at the heart of the national debate. IF researcher, Toby Whelton, investigates.