Does the planning white paper really help first-time buyers?

The government has recently consulted the public on their wide-ranging set of proposed reforms to the planning system in England, which, they argue, will reduce delays and uncertainty for developers and enable more new homes to be built for first-time-buyers. David Kingman explains IF’s position on whether these reforms go far enough to really make… Read more »

COVID-19 and young people’s mental health

NHS Digital recently published one of the first comprehensive studies of the mental health of children and young people during the pandemic. Melissa Bui explains how the bleak picture painted by the findings belongs to the larger narrative surrounding spending on children and young people generally

Ever upwards: at what age will Millennials retire?

The UK’s State Pension Age has been rising steadily over recent years in response to increasing longevity, and last week it finally reached the new milestone of 66 for both men and women. What will happen to the State Pension Age next? David Kingman explores what this could mean for the future

Environment in the media: not always following the science

Media coverage of environmental issues – such as plastic and climate change – has helped to trigger global environmental movements over the years. Although we have a lot of reasons to be grateful that these issues have become particularly newsworthy, what happens when the key environmental priorities reported in the media do not align with… Read more »

Government should lift the state pension “triple lock” next year, argues Treasury Select Committee

A new report from the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee has made a range of recommendations regarding how the government should address some of the economic challenges which the COVID-19 crisis has caused. One of its most eye-catching suggestions is that the “triple lock” on the State Pension should be lifted next year to… Read more »

The Pandemic: Testing Intergenerational Solidarity

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting intergenerational solidarity under severe strain, as young generations are bearing the brunt on behalf of older generations who are vulnerable – with few signs of reciprocal acknowledgement. But IF Research Intern Hugo Till sees a glimmer of hope amid the tensions