Media enquiries

We aim to turn media enquiries around rapidly.  If you require a comment or want to arrange spokesperson interviews please contact:

Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, on mobile: 07971 228823 or email: [email protected]

Our latest media briefing sheet is here.

Press releases relating to IF research papers can be found on the relevant research paper page. Alternatively a list of recent press releases and statements are below.

We also have a number of media case studies available covering student debt, the cost of housing, living with parents, pensions apartheid, baby boomers and worried grandparents.

Nov 2020: PRESS RELEASE: Grey Power: Grey Power: Boomers are threatening younger generation’s political representation

Sept 2020: PRESS RELEASE: Young Adults 2020: IF Index of young adult wellbeing

August 2020: PRESS RELEASE: Costing Young Minds: The fiscal consequences of a lack of spending on young people

July 2020: PRESS RELEASE: 2020 IF Wellbeing IndexJune 2020: PRESS RELEASE: The £3 Billion Fiscal Loss to Government on Young People’s Mental Health

March 2020: PRESS RELEASE: The £148 Billion Iceberg of Liabilities Found in the Local Government Pension Scheme

Jan 2020: PRESS RELEASE: Fivefold Increase in Micro-homes in Five Years

Nov 2019: PRESS RELEASE: Young Voter Power Could Influence 2019 General Election

5 Oct 2019: PRESS RELEASE: All Consuming Pressure: The cost of living crisis facing younger generations

13 May 2019: PRESS RELEASE: Number of £100k/year Public Sector Pensions Triples

5 Jan 2019: PRESS RELEASE: Rich kids Escape Student Fee System

18 Sept 2018: PRESS RELEASE: Over-60s discounts must change in the name of fairness
9 Aug 2018: 2018 IF Index; Young People are Lonely
29 Apr 2018: North Sea Decommissioning costs likely to double
26 Feb 2018: The government should set intergenerationally fair interest rates
27 Nov 2017: Political parties and the youth quake
5 October 2017: The number of graduates in non-graduate jobs remains stubbornly high
3 October 2017: IF response to government on freezing fees and increasing the repayment threshold
20 September 2017: Generation Remain: 3 out of 4 “tribes” of millennial voters want a soft Brexit