We are a research and education charity. Founded in 2011, our mission is to promote intergenerational fairness and protect the interests of younger and future generations across all areas of policy. Our charity number is 1142 230.

We are vehemently independent, non-party-political, and funded by no-strings donations from trusts, foundations, individual supporters, and corporates who have similar goals to our own.

We meet with our supporters once a month in order to report back on activity undertaken and discuss our work, present and future to be taken forward. If you would like to attend one of our meetings to learn more about our work please email [email protected].

Our mission

Younger generations are under pressure like never before. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated intergenerational unfairness and increased the need for action. At IF, part of our role is to draw policymakers’ attention to this, and to get a fairer deal for young people today and future generations tomorrow.

We’re a charity that researches fairness between the generations. Intergenerational fairness is the idea of fairness between different generations alive today as well as between generations alive today and those generations yet to be born. 

We think it’s only fair that younger generations should have the same or a better standard of living as the generations who have gone before. That means creating a new, fairer contract between the generations: one that reduces intergenerational inequality, and provides for tomorrow as well as today.

Please look at our research and campaigns, write for us and help to spread the word, or donate to us so that we can do more.

Our history

When IF was established in 2011, “intergenerational fairness” was barely talked about. Now it is part of the vocabulary of virtually every politician and policymaker. IF has helped to bring the idea of intergenerational fairness to the centre of policy discussion.

Our work has helped to highlight a number of areas of particularly acute intergenerational unfairness, including:

  • the uneven gains in housing wealth by age;
  • the changes in wealth distribution by age;
  • the retreat of the welfare state from the young, but not from the old;
  • the disparity in pension settlements between older and young workers;
  • the unfairness of a higher education system that overcharges the young, but undercharged the old.

We have recorded campaign wins on some of the following issues:

Meet the IF team

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