What should a COVID-19 recovery look like for young people around the world? 

IF will be celebrating 10 years of working to protect the interests of younger and future generations in policy-making in 2021. But this year has been like no other as countries around the world reel from the damage the COVID-19 pandemic wrought on economies and people’s health. That is why this year’s annual Worldwide Blog… Read more »

The Brexit Generation: five years on

It is now five years since the EU Referendum result, five years along the path towards the “sunlit uplands” promised by those that supported Brexit. Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, investigates what benefits have been delivered for the UK’s young people.

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available below. You can also subscribe to receive a regular update by providing your details at the bottom of the page. This edition calls for a new settlement for younger and future generations for all they have sacrificed economically and emotionally over the past year in order to protect the… Read more »

New ONS data show student mental health crisis

IF intern, Hugh Nicholl, looks into the findings of the Office for National Statistic’s latest student survey and outlines the worrying evidence of a student mental health crisis. Read more…

Was the 2021 Budget good for younger generations?

The 2021 Budget is done and dusted. Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, looks at the highs and lows for younger and future generations, using the lens of intergenerational fairness – on a Budget that the Chancellor called “honest” and “fair”

Vulnerable young losing out during COVID-19

Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, looks at the latest research released by UK Youth on the decimation of youth organisation funding during the COVID-19 pandemic

Why lockdown students are short-changed

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released research findings into the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Higher Education students, in collaboration with Universities UK, Public Health England, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Department for Education as well as a selection of universities. Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, investigates the… Read more »