Canada promises generational fairness

Canada has made a historic promise to deliver “fairness for every generation” in its 2024 budget. IF CEO and Co-founder, Liz Emerson, weighs in on this milestone and what Canada and the UK can learn from each other.

Are we really going to get PFI version 3.0 with a new Labour government?

Rumours abound that Labour is considering bringing back the infamous Private Finance Initiative (PFI) model. Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, explains why this would be a very poor decision for younger and future generations on intergenerational fairness grounds.

Housing – take on the under-40s at your peril

Liz Emerson, IF CEO and Co-founder, calls time on politicians who dismiss the housing crisis facing younger generations as the country moves ever closer to the General Election.

Be our part-time researcher!

Intergenerational Foundation Co-Founder and CEO Liz Emerson sets out the details of the researcher role currently being advertised by the charity.

Budget 2024 newsletter

Was this an intergenerationally fair budget for younger generations and should younger generations welcome the announcements made? Read on for IF’s top line response. This week’s budget was a non-budget really. The Chancellor has “little fiscal headroom” so as expected, a few spending pledges were offered here and there, but the big news was a… Read more »

Welcome to Intergenerational Fairness Day!

Today, 16 November 2023, marks the world’s first Intergenerational Fairness Day. Nine organisations around the world have come together to call on their respective governments to better consider the interests of younger and future generations. To celebrate, Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder introduces a week of articles from activist organisations around the world. #intergenerationalfairnessday

Join our Team – Digital Comms Consultant

Intergenerational Foundation Co-Founder and CEO, Liz Emerson, sets out the details of the contract digital consultant role currently being advertised by the charity.

Housing and living costs – students need help

In 2020, the UK recorded its largest intake of first-year university students only to be hit with an increase the following year. As a result, universities and students alike have been battling with increased demand for housing amidst a cost-of-living crisis. Justin Adesina, IF student volunteer, investigates.