Tax wealth to help the young

Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, introduces IF’s latest report which makes the intergenerational fairness case for a wealth tax and calls on politicians to offer the young a fairer tax deal.

New poverty metric shows widening gaps between generations

How we understand poverty, inequality, or financial hardship is highly dependent on how we choose to measure it. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses the insights that a newly developed poverty metric might bring to our understanding of intergenerational inequality.  

UK child poverty has increased by 20% over seven years

Recent findings from UNICEF’s review of child poverty in 39 OECD and EU countries show that child poverty has increased faster in the UK than in any other country investigated. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, reflects on the results of the research and wider context of child poverty in the UK.

A win on pay for young workers

On Tuesday, 21 Nov 2023, the government announced an increase to the National Living Wage and a welcome reduction of the National Living Wage age threshold from 23 to 21 years. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, explains why this is an important step in the right direction to secure a better deal for young people.

Young renters are struggling and increasingly financially vulnerable

As the housing crisis continues to get worse, those stuck in the private rental sector are suffering from increasingly unaffordable rents. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses why a growing proportion of young renters are financially vulnerable, and why the government must do more to help them.

Scrapping HS2 symbolises a lack of long-term thinking

HS2 was supposed to be desperately needed to help upgrade the UK­ rail network. Instead, after billions of pounds spent, the project has been all but scrapped, leaving just a short run of new rail between Birmingham and the outskirts of London. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, explains why scrapping HS2 symbolises a lack of long-term… Read more »

Extending the freeze on tax thresholds hurts the young and the poor

By continuing the freeze on Income Tax and NICs’ thresholds until 2027-28, the government has condemned the young and the poor to bear a larger share of the national tax burden. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses why the young and the poor are hit the hardest.

How would a 4-day week help young people?

A century ago, economists believed that increases in economic productivity would lead to drastically shorter working weeks by the beginning of the 21st century. Although these predictions have not yet materialised, recent years have seen an increased interest in instituting a 4-day work week. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses how a 4-day week might benefit… Read more »

How to improve student loan repayment terms for graduates

The student loan system is broken. For the crime of pursuing a higher education, many graduates in England face an additional 9% marginal tax for most of their working lives. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses IF analysis of the best ways to lower the debt burden for graduates.

A budget ghosting the young

The budget presented by the Chancellor on 15 March gives little reassurance to young people that the government understands their struggles. Instead of addressing issues such as housing, low pay, crumbling public services and a looming ecological breakdown, the major announcements concerned tax reliefs for wealthier and older people and for corporations. Alec Haglund, IF… Read more »