Micro-homes: An IF win for younger generations

Frau wohnt in einem Schuhkarton
Living in a shoebox

IF investigated the emergence of a new form of housing called “micro-homes”, which are homes developed from offices that are converted into residential housing. These homes can be built under permitted development rights, which means that developers have been able to circumvent planning protections such as minimum space standards, which act as a safeguard against overcrowding and slum living.

IF undertook research and discovered that there has been a fivefold increase in these micro-homes in just five years, with homes as small as 8.3 square metres offered for sale on the open market, and which tend not to hold their value.

We are delighted that the current government have announced that all new homes created must now abide by minimum space standards which means that no new home, however created, can be below 37 square metres, giving younger generations a more equitable share of housing space.