Learn from Canada and help students with the cost-of-living crisis

With a cost-of-living crisis in full swing in the UK and peer countries, students are facing increasing financial strain. This year Canada has put an indefinite freeze on student loan interest collection to help alleviate the financial pressures from housing costs, food price increases and tuition fee hikes. IF researcher, Sylvan Lutz, argues that it… Read more »

COP28: Kicking off the end of the fossil fuel era?

As COP28 draws to a close, Sylvan Lutz summarises IF’s thoughts as an official observer. Despite the historic call to move away from the use of all fossil fuels, the agreement is representative of worldwide governments’ failures to send an unambiguous signal that the fossil fuel era is over.

Intergenerational fairness win for young in Montana

Sylvan Lutz IF Researcher discusses the ruling in Montana that found the government’s failure to account for greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel development harms young people and violates their right to a “clean and healthful environment.” This is an important paradigm shift in how we think about the relationship between environmental health and the… Read more »

Paris has been breached: after the hottest month on record the UK should be speeding up, not backtracking on climate policy?

Sylvan Lutz, IF Researcher, argues that despite the global average surface temperature being 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels in July 2023, the Uxbridge bi-election result is being seen as a moment to reduce climate action in the UK. Join IF in calling on all parties to increase climate ambition and to stop stealing a liveable climate… Read more »

Plastics pollution and intergenerational fairness

Eight years after the Paris Climate Agreement, an initial round of negotiations over a legally binding international treaty on plastics pollution concluded last week. Following these new talks in Paris IF Researcher, Sylvan Lutz, highlights the intergenerational dangers posed by plastics.  

The Earth is for all generations – today and tomorrow

Earth Day marks an annual day of reflection on the state of the only home humanity has ever known. Sylvan Lutz, IF researcher, highlights the importance that the stability of the Earth’s climate and ecosystems have to current and future generations. Join IF in working to protect the planet for future generations, not just once… Read more »

Higher education is an investment, not a revenue stream

Look to Canada. IF researcher, Sylvan Lutz, argues that England is hurting its economic and social potential by treating students as a revenue source and not as an investment in the country’s future.

Turning assets back into homes: lessons from the Canadian property tax system

UK housing is increasingly a place for wealthy investors to park their wealth rather than a place for young people to live affordably. Sylvan Lutz, IF Researcher, looks at UK council taxes and argues that there are lessons to be learned from Canada on its new policy charging high taxes on vacant houses.

Census 2021: An Ageing Society

Sylvan Lutz, IF researcher, analyses the latest England and Wales census population data released. Ageing population Census 2021 has confirmed what demographers have long been warning: the population of England and Wales is ageing. On the one hand, a miracle of modern society has led to longer lifespans; on the other, slowing birth rates alleviate… Read more »

COP27: The (so far) missed opportunity to protect the UK economy

With COP 27 not far over the horizon, IF researcher Sylvan Lutz considers the implications of the UK government’s current climate policy. Assessing the UK government’s negotiating power at COP27, the broader environmental impact of its policies, and the long-term consequences for future generations, he argues that COP27 is an opportunity to speed up the… Read more »