Autumn Statement 2023 – where is the intergenerational fairness?

The 2023 Autumn Statement did nothing to address intergenerational fairness and that was a missed opportunity by government. So what were the key policy announcements for April 2024 that might affect different generations? Daniel Harrison, economist, market analyst and author of Intergenerational Theft explains

A hard truth for Canada on International Intergenerational Fairness Day: past policy chickens have come home to roost

Younger Canadians are struggling to afford housing and raise families while worrying about growing public debt and the planet’s future livability.  As countries around the world come together to mark the first international Intergenerational Fairness Day on 16 November 2023, it’s clear that Canada is not alone in experiencing these harmful trends, writes Andrea Long… Read more »

Championing the Future: The Role of the United Nations in Protecting the Interests of Future Generations

“As a young Mexican, I am proud to stand in support of Intergenerational Fairness Day and emphasise the crucial importance of safeguarding the interests of younger and future generations.”In this article, Claudette Salinas Leyva, UN Next Generation Foundation Fellow, delves into why this day matters, the vital role played by the United Nations, what needs… Read more »

Scrapping HS2 symbolises a lack of long-term thinking

HS2 was supposed to be desperately needed to help upgrade the UK­ rail network. Instead, after billions of pounds spent, the project has been all but scrapped, leaving just a short run of new rail between Birmingham and the outskirts of London. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, explains why scrapping HS2 symbolises a lack of long-term… Read more »

Extending the freeze on tax thresholds hurts the young and the poor

By continuing the freeze on Income Tax and NICs’ thresholds until 2027-28, the government has condemned the young and the poor to bear a larger share of the national tax burden. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses why the young and the poor are hit the hardest.