A long view can help humanity

Richard Fisher, a senior journalist at BBC Global News, explains the motivation behind his book, “The Long View”, which has just been published.

Social action as a route to the ballot box

Childhood volunteering can help reduce inequalities in electoral turnout, writes Dr Stuart Fox, Senior Lecturer in Politics at Exeter University

A budget ghosting the young

The budget presented by the Chancellor on 15 March gives little reassurance to young people that the government understands their struggles. Instead of addressing issues such as housing, low pay, crumbling public services and a looming ecological breakdown, the major announcements concerned tax reliefs for wealthier and older people and for corporations. Alec Haglund, IF… Read more »

We need a budget that is fair for all generations

As the Chancellor prepares to announce the budget, many young people fear yet another budget that overlooks the many problems society is facing. Housing, climate, low pay, student loans, and the cost-of-living crisis are issues that should be top priorities for a government that is serious about solving problems. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses policies… Read more »

A Call for a “Common Personal Income Tax”

The unprecedented affluence of millions of older people is in stark contrast with a stagnant economy and a society in which millions of younger people cannot afford the basics of independent living. Change is long overdue and needs to start with the UK tax system, writes Carl Groves, former Further Education College Principal, and IF… Read more »

Higher education is an investment, not a revenue stream

Look to Canada. IF researcher, Sylvan Lutz, argues that England is hurting its economic and social potential by treating students as a revenue source and not as an investment in the country’s future.

Downsizing is socially desirable – and saves money on bills

As the rates of under-occupation continue to increase and energy bills are higher than they have been any previous winter, saving money on bills can be a persuasive argument to encourage greater downsizing. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses some of the key points of the recently published IF report “Downsize your energy bills”.

Is the Energy Charter Treaty unravelling?

Is the Energy Charter Treaty unravelling and what does it mean for younger and future generations? Charlotte Foster, IF student volunteer, investigates.