Canada promises generational fairness

Canada has made a historic promise to deliver “fairness for every generation” in its 2024 budget. IF CEO and Co-founder, Liz Emerson, weighs in on this milestone and what Canada and the UK can learn from each other.

A shared inheritance from natural resources?

How should we share natural resources with future generations? On #EarthDay, a group of global activists lay out their argument for the need for a shared inheritance. By Simon Taylor, co-Founder & Board member of Global Witness, and co-Founder of Publish What You Pay; Saswati Svetlana, National Coordinator, Mineral Inheritors Rights Association, India; Mike McCormack,… Read more »

Be our part-time researcher!

Intergenerational Foundation Co-Founder and CEO Liz Emerson sets out the details of the researcher role currently being advertised by the charity.

Budget 2024 newsletter

Was this an intergenerationally fair budget for younger generations and should younger generations welcome the announcements made? Read on for IF’s top line response. This week’s budget was a non-budget really. The Chancellor has “little fiscal headroom” so as expected, a few spending pledges were offered here and there, but the big news was a… Read more »

How tax distorts everything

How tax distorts everything – people respond to price signals which harms intergenerational fairness argues Angus Hanton, IF Co-founder.