Room to breathe? How the COVID-19 lockdown highlights age inequalities in living space

The draconian social-distancing rules which are now in the place in the UK are forcing people to remain indoors most of the time, a restriction which is likely to be much harder to bear for young families living in overcrowded conditions, argues David Kingman At first glance, it could seem as though almost every household… Read more »

Will self-employed young workers be left struggling because of COVID-19?

Extraordinary measures have been put in place to try to slow down the spread of COVID-19, which have made it much harder for many self-employed workers to earn a living. David Kingman looks at how much impact the government’s new COVID-19 mitigation strategy could have on young workers who fall into this category – who… Read more »

Intergenerational Alert: hidden liabilities in the Local Government Pension Scheme

A new report published by IF reveals the hidden liabilities in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). This threatens to become a major intergenerational issue because, unless urgent action is taken, the cost will be passed on to younger and future generations to pay. Here, in a brief summary, the report’s author, actuary Daryl Boxall,… Read more »

Should deep-sea mining be allowed to go ahead?

The Future We Need and the Goa Foundation are running a campaign to ensure that future deep-sea mining activity respects principles of intergenerational equity. The Intergenerational Foundation is supporting this initiative. Melissa Bui outlines the demands of  the campaign and how individuals and organisations can show their support

Coronavirus: Will job losses see another rise in the Boomerang Generation?

With social media forums filled with young freelancers starting to lose their livelihoods and worried about paying their rent, Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, looks at the wider implications should the government choose not to help young renters beyond lifting the threat of eviction

Covid-19: this is the moment to scrap student debt

The Coronavirus crisis calls for some radical rethinking all round – but the young are especially exposed. Angus Hanton, Co-Founder of IF, proposes two solutions that would make a big difference to intergenerational justice: scrap student debt and slash income tax for the young