Calling time on National Insurance

Expanding the system of National Insurance in 1948 was the ingenious trump card played by the post-war Labour Government to help overcome Conservative Party and establishment opposition to its proposals for a British welfare state and National Health Service. National Insurance in 2023, however, is simply a disguised form of income tax which falls disproportionately… Read more »

Environmental crises and young people’s mental health

IF Student Volunteer, Charlotte Foster, highlights the effects that multiple environmental crises are having on young people’s mental health and calls for the redoubling of our commitment to reducing the impacts of humans on the environment.

Family homes versus lifetime homes      

Twenty years ago Philip Yorke studied Construction Economics and Management at UCL, Bartlett. In this article Philip asks why younger generations cannot have family homes?

How to improve student loan repayment terms for graduates

The student loan system is broken. For the crime of pursuing a higher education, many graduates in England face an additional 9% marginal tax for most of their working lives. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses IF analysis of the best ways to lower the debt burden for graduates.

Plastics pollution and intergenerational fairness

Eight years after the Paris Climate Agreement, an initial round of negotiations over a legally binding international treaty on plastics pollution concluded last week. Following these new talks in Paris IF Researcher, Sylvan Lutz, highlights the intergenerational dangers posed by plastics.  

Peak population – the burden to come

Global population slowing and ageing, low economic growth, high taxation and the grey vote. IF supporter, Philip Yorke, explores the many drivers holding back young people in the UK.

Student loans – it’s the economy stupid

In this article, IF supporter and father, Philip Yorke, argues that the student loan system affects the whole economy, and by looking forward a generation it is obvious how untenable this funding method will become.