New ONS research shows how “milestones” of adulthood are changing for the Millennial generation

Adulthood has traditionally been marked by the achievement of a series of milestones, such as getting a job, owning a home and starting a family. But are Millennials achieving these milestones at later ages than previous generations? David Kingman examines the latest evidence

Book review: “Hired” by James Bloodworth – undercover in low-wage Britain

“Hired: six months undercover in low-wage Britain” paints a vivid picture of life in some of the toughest corners of the world of work. It also – as Angus Hanton, Co-founder of IF, reports – raises issues of intergenerational fairness

BBC News ranks Islington as the best place to be a young person in the UK

A new index from the BBC has attempted to identify the best places to be a young adult in the UK. What does that really mean, asks David Kingman, IF’s Senior Researcher, and does it raise some further questions about how we measure people’s quality of life?

Does moving from adolescence to adulthood have to be a cliff edge?

MENTAL HEALTH BLOG WEEK.The transition to adulthood can look like a cliff edge. Matt Jordan, who works on the Health Foundation’s Young people’s future health inquiry, sets out the conditions that can make all the difference – between falling and jumping in

Down and out, down under: Youth mental health in Australia

MENTAL HEALTH BLOG WEEK. Sonia Arakkal, co-founder of Australian lobby group Think Forward, explains why the youth mental health crisis in Australia is a symptom of intergenerational inequality, and what can be done about it