What might a green recovery from COVID-19 look like?

As we move out of lockdown, the question of how the Government will choose to rebuild the economy looms large. IF researcher Melissa Bui explains why many climate experts and campaigners are calling for a green recovery, and she provides three examples of what that might look like

How much could COVID-19 cost future generations?

After nearly three months of extreme social distancing in the UK, more and more data are beginning to emerge which highlight the severe negative impact that the pandemic is having on the UK economy. Given that we are likely to be paying for the financial cost of fighting COVID-19 for years to come, how big… Read more »

How can the government return young people’s kindness?

This week (18–24 May) is Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme chosen by the Mental Health Foundation this year is kindness. Melissa Bui outlines why, in the context of COVID-19, protecting public mental health is one way the government can return the acts of kindness demonstrated by young people throughout the pandemic