Announcing the winners: Intergenerational Justice Prize 2022

The dice are cast, and the distribution of the prize money of €10,000 has been decided. The jury consulted and awarded five scientific papers by young researchers. In this blog, Anne Bierwirth from the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations sets out and summarises the Intergenerational Justice Prize 2022. What is the Intergenerational Justice… Read more »

Constitutions are an intergenerational matter – and there’s a big cash prize to be won!

Should a national constitution be written in stone, or flexible enough for future generations to adapt it to their needs? The Intergenerational Foundation is asking academics to answer this and other related questions for the Intergenerational Justice Prize, worth €10,000, and also for the next edition of the Intergenerational Justice Review. Deadline 1 August 2016.… Read more »