New IF research exposes government’s dodgy accounting over tuition fees

David Kingman explains the findings from IF’s latest piece of research, which show how, while much of a burden government spending on universities is passing onto future generations through higher tuition fees, this policy fails in its proclaimed aim to reduce the deficit – and increases the national debt.

Review of Regeneration

David Kingman reviews Regeneration, the latest book in the Radical Futures series, sponsored by IF

Young Councillors – missing presumed absent

With personal experience as a City Councillor in Norwich, Samir Jeraj explains why, sadly, young people are under-represented in local government

ONS reveals full UK pension liabilities

David Kingman was present as the ONS officially announced the UK’s full pension liabilities for the first time at the Royal Statistical Society on 27 April

Quote 22

“I think that [Intergenerational Equity] is a big issue for our country going forward. If I talk to young people, they feel their lives – and I’m not just talking about this government but more generally – they can’t find a job, their tuition fees have trebled, they can’t get a house. It is going… Read more »

Tuition fees: Early repayment penalty threat withdrawn

Annie Lund reports on the good news that a government consultation has rejected the proposal to penalise the early repayment of tuition fees, in line with objections raised by IF