The Intergenerational Justice Review 2012

Antony Mason, Guest Editor of this year’s Intergenerational Justice Review, gives details of its content, and how it all came together

The Reith Lectures 2012

Antony Mason sings the praises of the first of this year’s Reith Lectures by Professor Niall Ferguson, which vividly draws attention to the intergenerational injustice embedded in today’s financial crisis

Youth Unemployment

Claire Lamont reveals how the latest drop in unemployment figures masks a more worrying trend in youth unemployment

New IF research exposes government’s dodgy accounting over tuition fees

David Kingman explains the findings from IF’s latest piece of research, which show how, while much of a burden government spending on universities is passing onto future generations through higher tuition fees, this policy fails in its proclaimed aim to reduce the deficit – and increases the national debt.