Quote 23

“A politician thinks about the next elections — the statesman thinks about the next generations.” James Freeman Clarke (1810–88), American theologian and author

Marine Garbage Pollution: an International Problem

Sarah Cruz Lima, of the Institute for Shipping and Trade Law at Swansea University, describes the imperfect efforts to curb dumping at sea, a classic case of short-term expediency with clear long-term – hence intergenerational – implications

Good news: jobless total falls

Somewhat against expectations, today’s unemployment figures have moved in the right direction. For all generations? Antony Mason investigates

Loans for Higher Education: the dodgy dossier

Antony Mason argues that, even if they can’t do anything about being stuck with higher debts, university students still have cause for complaint about the terms which they are forced to agree to

Ageing in China

David Kingman explores the economic and social implications of China’s rapidly ageing population

The Intergenerational Justice Review 2012

Antony Mason, Guest Editor of this year’s Intergenerational Justice Review, gives details of its content, and how it all came together