Was the 2021 Budget good for younger generations?

The 2021 Budget is done and dusted. Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, looks at the highs and lows for younger and future generations, using the lens of intergenerational fairness – on a Budget that the Chancellor called “honest” and “fair”

Vulnerable young losing out during COVID-19

Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, looks at the latest research released by UK Youth on the decimation of youth organisation funding during the COVID-19 pandemic

Why lockdown students are short-changed

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released research findings into the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Higher Education students, in collaboration with Universities UK, Public Health England, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Department for Education as well as a selection of universities. Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, investigates the… Read more »

University fees: paying for promises

Journalist Kevin Carey (@kevincarey1) has put together an interesting social media thread on the conflict between universities and students in the US. Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, ponders what lessons UK higher education leaders could and should learn

Earth Day in strange times

It’s Earth Day this week, and according to CarbonBrief the first three months of 2020 were the second warmest on record. With COVID-19 understandably distracting the world from conversations about environmental degradation and #climatecrisis, Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, discusses the huge potential for the greening of the economy post-COVID

Coronavirus: Will job losses see another rise in the Boomerang Generation?

With social media forums filled with young freelancers starting to lose their livelihoods and worried about paying their rent, Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, looks at the wider implications should the government choose not to help young renters beyond lifting the threat of eviction

IF Manifesto Audit 2: Education

With less than a week to go until the 2019 General Election, Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, gives a whistle-stop tour of what the different parties are offering on education – from pre-school childcare through to further and higher education finance

Vice-chancellors still haven’t learned

Vice-chancellor pay is in the news again. Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, investigates the latest research from the University College Union (UCU) on the flagrant disregard of calls for greater propriety over pay