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“But we won’t be able to fix the problem if we don’t recognise it. Our young do. They perceive the absence of intergenerational justice, and they are right to be angry. ” Joseph E Stiglitz He is the recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2001 and is a professor at Columbia… Read more »

Student grants replaced by loans – BBC News

Crisis in Youth Mental Health

Professor Martin Knapp of the London School of Economics (LSE) has stated that mental health neglect for young people is a “moral scandal and an enormous economic mistake” so why is there currently so little provision for young people suffering from mental illness in the UK? Liz Emerson, IF Co-Founder, looks at the numbers behind the… Read more »

Mayoral Insight: What’s on offer for young people?

As part of IF’s latest Vox Pop series, Felix de Courcy-Ireland, IF Volunteer, Londoner and student, looks at what the potential candidates have to offer young people with the mayoral elections just around the corner

Today’s The Day: London needs your vote

With the 2016 mayoral elections only a matter of weeks away, there are many concerns over the decline in registered voters − especially young voters. Neesha-Ann Longdon, IF Volunteer, reports on this issue, addressing the need for younger Londoners in particular to use their vote

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“Inter-generational Fairness: This is not just about including young people in driving future change, but also recognizing that they have significantly impaired financial prospects compared to their elders. There needs to be new political settlements around inheritance, tax, pensions and state provision of care” the 2015 Ariadne Forecast for European Social Change and Human Rights Funders.