Coronavirus: Will job losses see another rise in the Boomerang Generation?

With social media forums filled with young freelancers starting to lose their livelihoods and worried about paying their rent, Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, looks at the wider implications should the government choose not to help young renters beyond lifting the threat of eviction

Covid-19: this is the moment to scrap student debt

The Coronavirus crisis calls for some radical rethinking all round – but the young are especially exposed. Angus Hanton, Co-Founder of IF, proposes two solutions that would make a big difference to intergenerational justice: scrap student debt and slash income tax for the young

How could the government reform inheritance tax to increase intergenerational fairness?

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inheritance and Intergenerational Fairness recently launched its final set of recommendations on how inheritance tax needs to be reformed to reduce intergenerational inequality. David Kingman provides a brief guide to their proposals

Dutch people vs climate change

In December 2019, after almost six years of battling between the Dutch state and its citizenry, the Netherlands’ highest court ruled for the plaintiffs (the Urgenda Foundation and 886 citizens), stating that the Dutch government must reduce its emissions in line with its human rights obligations. Cameron Leitch explains the importance of this case in… Read more »

Alternatives to plastic: are they any better?

Many young adults are currently concerned about the impact which their plastic consumption could be having on the environment. However, new research suggests that we still don’t know enough about the environmental impact of plastic alternatives to be certain that they are actually better for the environment than plastic, as David Kingman explains