Renting: The New Reality

Claire Lamont describes why “generation rent” have a good subject at their fingertips for a film to enter the IF Film Competition

Bioenergy – another false solution

Robert Palgrave of Biofuelwatch makes the case that bioenergy is a false solution to climate change, adding to the debt that we are leaving to future generations

Why should we do anything about climate change?

Policy-makers miss a trick if they assume that the climate change debate is anchored in scientific fact alone, argues Edward Robinson, a freelance researcher and consultant in sustainable economics. They ignore the moral dimensions at their peril.

Scotland debates oil legacy ahead of independence vote

David Kingman looks at a recent debate in the Scottish Parliament which touched on the future legacy of its oil industry, and the ways this could be affected by independence

Generations Apart: new BBC Radio 4 series

Series 2 of Generations Apart, presented by Fi Glover on Radio 4, contains plenty of intergenerational food for thought, as Antony Mason reports

Britain’s Brain Drain

Peter Hanton examines the rise in bright British undergraduates applying to universities outside the UK, and looks at why those educated in Britain are increasingly taking jobs abroad.