Intergenerational Justice Review 2014/2015: Call for Papers

A new edition of the Intergenerational Justice Review (IGJR) is now in development, and is appealing to all researchers and academics to submit papers. Antony Mason, IGJR Guest Editor, provides the details

Upcoming Ipsos MORI Debate: Generation Strains

A debate at the Houses of Parliament, organised by the leading market research company Ipsos MORI, promises to be packed with brilliant statistical analysis and intense argument. Antony Mason recommends you get your ticket now

France’s “Generation Contracts”: nice idea, but…

It was one of President François Hollande’s election pledges: an intergenerational approach to the workplace designed to tackle youth unemployment and reaffirm the value of older workers heading for retirement. But, as Antony Mason explains, the response has been lukewarm

Student accommodation crisis: has Germany got the answer?

At universities across Germany, many students are benefitting from cheap accommodation offered by elderly homeowners in exchange for some help around the house. Antony Mason asks if this could work in the UK

Graduate premium: will you get your money back?

The headline figures from a new report suggest that a university education really does pay dividends. But the devil is in the detail. Antony Mason reports

How can we transform education to deliver more growth?

David Kingman argues that the UK will need a growing army of highly-skilled workers in order to generate growth in the future – so how does our education system need to change to help make this a reality?