Should unpaid internships be banned?

Unpaid internships have become part of the working landscape for young people at the start of their careers. They are exploitative and should be outlawed – were it not for a troubling dilemma, as Antony Mason explains

Film Competition: Highly Commended films

The IF Film Competition “Young, Gifted and Broke” (in association with the Guardian and the National Union of Students), received so many high-quality films that the judges, who included Christopher Hird and Dominic Minghella, decided to award seven of them the honour of being “Highly Commended”.

IF Film Competition: Documentary Prize announced and posted!

Congratulations to Dorothy Allen-Pickard and Nicki Williams, who have won first prize in the Documentary category of the IF Film Competition (in association with the Guardian and the National Union of Students). They supplied these brief descriptions about how they got there, and their motivations.

Britain’s children fare worse, says Unicef

A new report by Unicef puts British children in 16th place among the world’s rich countries, when it comes to well-being. Antony Mason reports

The ingenerational cost of war: Iraq and Afghanistan

A recent paper published by the Harvard Kennedy School reveals how the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan will cost the US $4 to $6 trillion over the next 40 years – far more than was expected. Antony Mason explains

IF Vox Pop: a recent graduate’s tale

IF Vox Pop is a series of pieces submitted to the Intergenerational Foundation by members of the public, expressing their take on the issues we raise. Here Brendan Hollowood tells of his struggles to get a foothold in the UK workforce that have forced him abroad.