Are young people more generous than their parents?

As part of our “think piece” series, Angus Hanton, co-founder of IF, reflects on patterns of generosity, of individuals and of society – and regrets that it does not always benefit the most deserving

Constitutions are an intergenerational matter – and there’s a big cash prize to be won!

Should a national constitution be written in stone, or flexible enough for future generations to adapt it to their needs? The Intergenerational Foundation is asking academics to answer this and other related questions for the Intergenerational Justice Prize, worth €10,000, and also for the next edition of the Intergenerational Justice Review. Deadline 1 August 2016.… Read more »

New academic essay prize: €10,000 to be won!

The Intergenerational Justice Prize is offering prizes totalling €10,000 for the best essays on constitutions and intergenerational justice. Antony Mason explains

Beefing up the youth vote

IF is very happy to promote the work of anyone who shares their outlook and has new ideas to contribute. Here Antony Mason points to a blog by Dr Dean Machin of UCL which deftly summarises why young people need more political power – and how a subtle change in the voting system could deliver… Read more »

Pioneering legislation for a Sustainable Wales

How to secure the ambitions of sustainability for the long term and for future generations in government and other institutions – that was the focus of a two-day conference in Cardiff this week. And, by a stroke of good fortune, it coincided with the official sealing by the Welsh Assembly of the “Well-being of Future… Read more »

The emerging intergenerational pay gap

In the seventh and last of our week-long series of articles on intergenerational themes co-published with the independent public policy think tank ResPublica, Antony Mason of the Intergenerational Foundation explains how the young and working-age households are carrying more than their fair share of the post-financial crisis austerity