Scrapping HS2 symbolises a lack of long-term thinking

HS2 was supposed to be desperately needed to help upgrade the UK­ rail network. Instead, after billions of pounds spent, the project has been all but scrapped, leaving just a short run of new rail between Birmingham and the outskirts of London. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, explains why scrapping HS2 symbolises a lack of long-term… Read more »

Extending the freeze on tax thresholds hurts the young and the poor

By continuing the freeze on Income Tax and NICs’ thresholds until 2027-28, the government has condemned the young and the poor to bear a larger share of the national tax burden. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses why the young and the poor are hit the hardest.

Join our Team – Digital Comms Consultant

Intergenerational Foundation Co-Founder and CEO, Liz Emerson, sets out the details of the contract digital consultant role currently being advertised by the charity.

Housing and living costs – students need help

In 2020, the UK recorded its largest intake of first-year university students only to be hit with an increase the following year. As a result, universities and students alike have been battling with increased demand for housing amidst a cost-of-living crisis. Justin Adesina, IF student volunteer, investigates.

Intergenerational fairness win for young in Montana

Sylvan Lutz IF Researcher discusses the ruling in Montana that found the government’s failure to account for greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel development harms young people and violates their right to a “clean and healthful environment.” This is an important paradigm shift in how we think about the relationship between environmental health and the… Read more »

Paris has been breached: after the hottest month on record the UK should be speeding up, not backtracking on climate policy?

Sylvan Lutz, IF Researcher, argues that despite the global average surface temperature being 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels in July 2023, the Uxbridge bi-election result is being seen as a moment to reduce climate action in the UK. Join IF in calling on all parties to increase climate ambition and to stop stealing a liveable climate… Read more »

How would a 4-day week help young people?

A century ago, economists believed that increases in economic productivity would lead to drastically shorter working weeks by the beginning of the 21st century. Although these predictions have not yet materialised, recent years have seen an increased interest in instituting a 4-day work week. Alec Haglund, IF Researcher, discusses how a 4-day week might benefit… Read more »

Calling time on National Insurance

Expanding the system of National Insurance in 1948 was the ingenious trump card played by the post-war Labour Government to help overcome Conservative Party and establishment opposition to its proposals for a British welfare state and National Health Service. National Insurance in 2023, however, is simply a disguised form of income tax which falls disproportionately… Read more »