Intergenerational Justice Prize 2022

WIN up to €10,000 and publication in an academic journal How can we protect future generations from existential risks, which we define as all potential dangers that could destroy humanity or deprive it of its potential? You could win up to €10,000 by entering our essay competition, run in partnership with the Foundation for the… Read more »

Stockpiling Space: How the pandemic has increased housing inequalities between older and younger generations

This report investigates housing inequalities over the last decade and during the COVID-19 pandemic. It investigates the growing inequalities in housing assets and housing space between renters and owners, between rich and poor, and most significantly between older and younger generations, concludes that England now has two housing nations. Key findings: COVID-19 has exacerbated housing… Read more »

Age Bias: How government spending is skewed against the young

This report investigates government spending and age and finds that: The gap in the amount of money the government spent on an older person compared to what it spent on a child has doubled over the past 19 years. The government now spends around £20,800 on each pensioner and only £14,700 on each child –… Read more »