3 Million Pensioner Millionaires: identifying the numbers

This research is an update to IF’s 2012 pensioner millionaires research, and looks at pensioner wealth according to latest available data from the Office for National Statistic’s Wealth and Assets Survey. Key Findings: Great Britain now has more than 3 million over-65s living in millionaire households. In 2008/10, there were 846,000 over-65s living in households… Read more »

On Borrowed Time: Future Generations and the Net Zero Transition

This report, co-produced with the Social Market Foundation, investigates the economic and moral questions surrounding how to share the costs of the Net Zero transition between generations. The paper explores how the following factors shape policymaking decisions on how much we should be spending on the Net Zero transition: Moral attitudes to future generations Prospects… Read more »

Packhorse Generation: The new tax burdens forced onto young people by inflation

This report investigates how the government has got around a manifesto promise not to raise taxes. The paper explains how the government has instead introduced taxation by stealth which is falling largely on younger people. It explains how younger generations are being stung by a combination of: Fiscal drag The freezing of income tax thresholds… Read more »

The cladding scandal: A crisis for younger people

One of the core aims of the Intergenerational Foundation is to address the housing crisis facing younger and future generations. Over the past decade we have investigated how different generations “consume” or “occupy” housing and why change is needed.  We have:  Quantified the unfair subsidies given to landlords and our research led to policy changes,… Read more »

Are we dis-counting young people’s futures

This short pamphlet explains why the “discount rate” is an intergenerational fairness issue and how the setting of it can tie the hands of younger and future generations. We are grateful to the Young Liberals, the Young Fabians, and the Young Greens, for contributing both to the pamphlet and to the debate that surrounded it.… Read more »