IF General Election Manifesto 2024

With a General Election around the corner, IF has drilled down into the key policy asks required to improve intergenerational fairness on behalf of younger and future generation: Housing Taxation Environmental Student finance Children and young people’s spending And how to ensure that younger and future generations’ interests are included in policy with intergenerational impact… Read more »

Tax wealth to help the young: The intergenerational fairness case for a wealth tax

Why do political parties shy away from taxing wealth in the UK when, according to this report, at least £18 billion could be raised each year if governments introduced a moderate wealth tax that would affect just 1% of the population? Where taxes come from is increasingly an intergenerational fairness issue. This research demonstrates that… Read more »

Play fair: Equalising the taxation of earned and unearned income

This report explains how the government could more fairly tax earned and unearned income: The current UK tax regime strongly favours unearned income over earned income. This has led to a tax system that is both unfair and inefficient. It also means that the young and those people who receive their income from employment pay… Read more »

Downsize your energy bills: Moving to a smaller home cuts energy bills

This report analyses house type, age, under-occupation and energy consumption and compares different downsizing scenarios and energy costs in order to help older generations to appreciate the energy savings they could make from downsizing. Key findings: Downsizing from larger to smaller homes in England could save 8 million homeowners up to £5,000 a year in… Read more »