2020 Budget Representation

IF’s 2020 budget representation asks the government to consider the following measures in order to protect the interests of younger and future generations in British policy-making: Levy national insurance contributions on over-65s who continue to work after State Pension Age (SPA) Limit pension relief on the 25% tax-free lump sum Reduce interest rates on student… Read more »

Rabbit Hutch Homes: The growth of micro-homes

This research uses figures based on analysis of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Open Data, DCLG, andĀ investigates the number of new homes being developed that are below the 37m2 minimum national space standards for a 1-person, 1-bedroom home with a shower. Written by housing expert Colin Wiles, with a foreword by Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor… Read more »

All Consuming Pressures: The cost-of-living crisis facing younger generations

IF’s latest report, supported by Yorkshire Building Society, looks at how much different age groups have to spend on a basket of essentials goods and services in order to investigate how the changing cost of living has affected younger generations: Under-35s households spend close to two thirds (63%) of their weekly expenditure on essentials; 40%… Read more »