Youth Quake: Young people and the 2017 General Election

This academic audit of political party offers to younger generations concludes that the Conservative party will have to do much more to attract the youth vote. Written by Dr James Sloam and Muhammad Rakib Ehsan, Royal Holloway, University of London, the report explores why some political parties did better than others at re-engaging younger generations,… Read more »

Generation Remain: Understanding the Millennial vote

“The most detailed analysis we have to date on why young people voted as they did” (from the foreword by Dr Manmit Bhambra, LSE European Institute’s Generation Brexit project lead). This IF report identifies four different “tribes” of Millennial voters in the EU Referendum. The multi-faceted analysis, which uses latent class analysis to segment the… Read more »

Tall Tales: Graduate prospects in the UK labour market

The number of graduates in non-graduate jobs has remained stubbornly high at more than 46% for recent graduates over the period when university fees were tripled, rising to 35% for non-recent graduates. This paper looks as recent Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures and argues that there appears to be no graduate premium for many… Read more »

2017 Budget – Intergenerational Foundation Representation

As part of the government’s pre-budget consultation process IF has submitted a representation focusing on pensions, National Insurance Contributions, student debt, housing, apprenticeships and travel concessions.

IF 2017 General Election Manifesto

IF’s practical policy recommendations to address the plight of younger generations and protect the interests of future generations.