An Extraordinary Anomaly: Why workers over state pension age should pay National Insurance

An extraordinary anomaly currently exists in the UK tax system. There is a serious imbalance in the tax treatment of UK workers who belong to different age groups. People who work beyond their state pension age become exempt from paying National Insurance contributions, a tax break which the Intergenerational Foundation believes has now become impossible to… Read more »

Rigged: How the North Sea oil and gas industry is undermining future generations

This paper explains how each child in the UK could be handed a toxic bill of up to £3,000 if the government allows North Sea oil and gas companies to escape their decommissioning obligations. The bill for the expensive legacy of decommissioning 3,000 pipelines covering 8,000 kilometres, 5,000 wells, 250 fixed installations and 250 subsea… Read more »

Weaponising Interest Rates: How UK governments have set interest rates to the detriment of the young

This paper calls on the Government to stop using the interest rates it controls in ways that penalise the young. It investigates the use of different interest rates set by government departments by the age of the borrower or saver. The paper demonstrates that over recent years governments have decided that “age” is a justifiable basis… Read more »