Votes at 16

We have been supportive of Votes for 16- and 17-year-olds for a long time. We hope you will join us in calling for the franchise to be extended to 16- and 17-year-olds across the entire UK and in all elections. Giving the right to vote to young people aged 16 and 17 is a small… Read more »

Build the homes we need

Housing is a major source of intergenerational unfairness in the UK today. Many members of the baby boomer generation were able to buy houses when prices were low. The value of those houses has exploded since, making it much more difficult for younger generations to buy a home of their own. For several decades, house… Read more »

#CutTheFees Campaign

University leaders, the Department for Education, and the Office for Students, are ghosting domestic students by supporting institutions charging full fees for what are much diminished courses and much reduced student experiences. IF thinks this totally unfair and is calling for a cut in fees for students. SIGN THE PETITION “Imagine paying £9,250 a year… Read more »

Parents Against Student Debt

Since 2012, students have had to swallow eye-watering tuition fees and sky-high interest rates on their loans, leaving many of them with around £50,000 of debt that they will have to pay back over the next 30 years. The government now wants to make it 40 years, so graduates could keep paying off their loans… Read more »

A climate plea for future generations

There can be nothing more vital and pressing than preserving the health and sustainability of our planet. We have a collective responsibility to pass on a healthy planet to the generations who inherit the world after we are gone. We are in serious danger now of failing to fulfil that responsibility. We know about the… Read more »