A climate plea for future generations

There can be nothing more vital and pressing than preserving the health and sustainability of our planet. We have a collective responsibility to pass on a healthy planet to the generations who inherit the world after we are gone. We are in serious danger now of failing to fulfil that responsibility.

We know about the incredible toll that even a small rise in the average global temperature could have devastating consequences for humanity, wildlife and biodiversity. From extreme weather to food shortages, refugee crises to habitat loss, we have a sense of the disasters around the corner for future generations if we do not act now. It is imperative that we take decisive action to avoid those outcomes.

There is too much short-term thinking. Too often governments are looking at tomorrow’s headlines or the next election while corporations are looking to maximise profits in the next quarter, and continued inaction or half-hearted measures will have huge implications for millions of people’s lives in the future.

Share our campaign online and email your local MP to tell them we need immediate action to save the planet for future generations. Thank you for your support.

Write to your MP

Please use the template text below and visit writetothem.com to find your MP. Follow the instructions from there.

I’m writing to you to share the Intergenerational Foundations climate plea for future generations.

Humanity has a collective responsibility to pass on a healthy and hospitable planet to today’s young people and to future generations. Governments, businesses and consumers must all step up and play a role in ensuring decisive action is taken to avert irreversible devastation to our planet.

I’m calling on your to use your platform in Parliament to encourage the government to do much more to tackle the climate emergency, and much sooner. Future generations are relying on those with power and influence to do all they can now to ensure we bequeath to them a sustainable Earth.

Yours sincerely,

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