The fight for Clean Energy in the US

Tomesha Campbell of Our Task* reflects on the US Supreme Court ruling to block the implementation of President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and what the states and the energy sector are doing to lessen climate change – and how the Supreme Court decision will impact the international climate agreement.

Climate Summit: New goals and new challenges lie ahead

In her second article about the UN Climate Summit in Paris, Tomesha Campbell of Our Task* reflects on the key players in Paris, the outpouring of support from the private sector and what the global climate agreement will mean for our global futures

What the Climate Summit means for our generation and the next

The mission of Our Task – an “independent network of global citizens” – is “to transform young adults into global thinkers and empower them to lead the next generation in building a sustainable future”. Here Our Task’s Tomesha Campbell reflects on the key issues that need to be addressed at the current United Nations Climate… Read more »