Making Youth Employment Policy Work: Intergenerational Foundation response

A response by the Intergenerational Foundation to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment calling for an effective youth employment policy to address the stark intergenerational divide in the economic consequences of COVID-19. There is widespread evidence that young adults have been disproportionately affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19, shedding light on the insecurity… Read more »

Planning for the Future: Intergenerational Foundation response

A consultation response to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government enquiry into planning for the future. Key points: We need to talk about the Green Belt Young people need to be more involved in local planning decision-making We must safeguard space standards in new homes created through permitted development

Consultation on a reformed judicial pension scheme: Intergenerational Foundation response

Click in the download button to read the Intergenerational Foundation response to the government consultation on a reformed judicial pension scheme which calls for: The transition to a funded scheme Increased contribution rates An assessment undertaken on the financial impact on younger and future generations using an intergenerational fairness impact assessment as set out in… Read more »