Fixing our broken housing market – Intergenerational Foundation Response

In response to the government’s White Paper, IF argues that the private sector can’t solve the housing crisis on its own and public sector developers need to play a greater role – and that there is also huge potential in “unlocking” new homes from within our existing housing stock.  

Industrial strategy – Intergenerational Foundation Response

IF raises the intergenerational concerns around four of the ten “pillars” (investing in science, research and innovation;  developing skills; upgrading infrastructure; delivering affordable energy and clean growth) that the government has presented in its Green Paper,

The Cridland Review Interim Report – Intergenerational Foundation Response

In response to the Interim Report of the Cridland Review into the long-term direction of government policy towards the state pension age, IF draws attention to the obstacles to private pension saving faced by Generation Y, and suggests that the fairest outcome is for the state pension to become means-tested.

Long-term sustainability of the NHS – Intergenerational Foundation Response

At the invitation of the Long-term Sustainability of the NHS Select Committee, IF raises three key intergenerational points: ageing and health costs share a complex relationship; healthcare spending is really about politics, not demographics; and if the public wants higher spending on the NHS then higher taxes should not fall on the young.