General Election: Intergenerational inequality is the elephant in the room, not debates about tax

IF supporter, Daniel Harrison, asks why politicians are deliberately avoiding the really big issue facing our country? General election tax promises Observing political parties squabble about the precise level of taxation needed in the run up to the General Election,  one would think that taxation is either the problem or the panacea that will solve… Read more »

Why ‘Broken Britain’ is a direct consequence of intergenerational inequality

IF supporter, Daniel Harrison, asks a profound question that very few people appear to want to talk about in the mass media because it exposes an uncomfortable truth: How is it that UK taxpayers are paying record levels of tax and yet simultaneously experiencing public services that appear to be severely underfunded and unable to… Read more »

Will the government address intergenerational inequality in this year’s budget?

As the 6 March budget approaches, Daniel Harrison, IF supporter, economist, and author of the book Intergenerational Theft asks whether the Government will offer intergenerationally fair tax and spending promises in the last major opportunity before the forthcoming General Election.

Autumn Statement 2023 – where is the intergenerational fairness?

The 2023 Autumn Statement did nothing to address intergenerational fairness and that was a missed opportunity by government. So what were the key policy announcements for April 2024 that might affect different generations? Daniel Harrison, economist, market analyst and author of Intergenerational Theft explains