Ofqual’s Algorithm: The method to madness

You would be hard pressed to find anyone willing to defend Ofqual’s calculated grades a month after they briefly arrested the dreams of many students. And yet the algorithm had its supporters and defenders before Results Day on 13 August. IF Research Intern Anthony J. Piwowarski explores the ways in which a now universally condemned… Read more »

Antarctica: a wilderness too close to home

Antarctica is often thought of as an unblemished wilderness – but humans no longer need a physical presence to impair the natural environment. IF Research Intern Anthony J. Piwowarski explores the global consequences of a melting Antarctic ice sheet – and how some states may seek to profit from the climate’s instability.

Siberia Burns: the politics of heat

The recent heat wave in Siberia poses a serious threat to Russian infrastructure – and to the planet. IF Research Intern Anthony J. Piwowarski shows how successive Russian governments have pursued a politics of ecological ruin. Even now, the current administration remains ambivalent towards its environmental obligations.