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Young Voter Power: Where could young voters make most difference in the 2019 General Election?

This report comprises new analysis of the power of young voters in order to encourage the young to use their vote. Key finders comprise:

  • There are 56 marginals where the number of first-time voters outnumber the incumbent MP – up from 43 constituencies in 2017
  • Of the 56 constituencies identified the Top 10 are: Kensington, Dudley North, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Southampton (Itchen), Richmond Park, Crewe and Nantwich, Arfon, Ceredigion, and Canterbury
  • There are 28 seats where the current MP’s majority is less than 10% of the number of 18-34 year-olds in that constituency.
  • Of the Top 20 constituencies where “new” voters outnumber the incumbent’s majority by the biggest margin, 9 belong to each of the Conservatives and Labour, and 2 belong to Plaid Cymru.