Calling time on National Insurance

Expanding the system of National Insurance in 1948 was the ingenious trump card played by the post-war Labour Government to help overcome Conservative Party and establishment opposition to its proposals for a British welfare state and National Health Service. National Insurance in 2023, however, is simply a disguised form of income tax which falls disproportionately… Read more »

A Call for a “Common Personal Income Tax”

The unprecedented affluence of millions of older people is in stark contrast with a stagnant economy and a society in which millions of younger people cannot afford the basics of independent living. Change is long overdue and needs to start with the UK tax system, writes Carl Groves, former Further Education College Principal, and IF… Read more »

Intergenerational Fairness and the Autumn Statement 2022

Carl M Groves, former College Principal, and IF supporter, calls on the new government to better protect the interests of younger and future generations in the 2022 Autumn Statement. Growth, tax and spending Whatever else the UK Conservative Government and Labour Opposition may disagree upon they are both very committed to achieving economic growth and… Read more »