IF Film Competition: Drama Prize announced and posted!

Congratulations to F. M. J. Botham, who has won first prize in the Drama category of the IF Film Competition (in association with the Guardian and the National Union of Students). He has supplied this brief description about the background to the film, and how winning the prize will make a difference.IF film comp logo

See his award-winning film, Getting By here

In Great Depression-era America they used to put on dance marathons which preyed on the desperation of the impoverished, promising large cash prizes to those who could dance the longest. Large crowds would gather to witness these disturbing spectacles.

This image seemed all too fitting for the current state of things in recession-hit UK, with the situation becoming increasingly difficult for many young, unemployed people.

I have personally experienced at least some of the despair of job-searching. Each week brings new job applications, the majority of which I will never hear back about. Work experience and internship vacancies seem just as competitive now. Meanwhile, it is a constant struggle to pay the bills and keep afloat.

The winnings from the IF film competition will be a massive help in this regard. Additionally I hope to put the money towards making another short film.