“College isn’t Cheap” graphic exposes the scale of American student debt

An American blog called “FrugalDad.com”, which offers opinions and advice on higher education and how to pay for it, recently started hosting an infographic which displays information about the American student debt crisis in an exciting and innovative format.College Fund

Among the key points were:

  • Total American student loan debt is now over $1 trillion
  • 2/3 of students graduate with a debt of at least $20,000 at the end of a 4 year degree
  • Only half of recent college graduates have found a full time job; and a fifth of those who did are working in jobs that don’t require a degree
  • The median annual income of a recent American graduate was only $18,373
  • 1/6 student loan borrowers default on their loans

To view the full infographic, please click here:


The scale of student debt in America, and whether universities could go on charging fees at their current high level, was discussed in a recent IF blog, available here:

“American universities facing backlash over high fees”