Housing has become almost unaffordable for the younger generation, yet the pressures that have been pushing prices up over the past 60 years show little sign of waning. Older generations continue to celebrate increases in house values whilst the typical age of a first-time buyer, buying without assistance with the deposit, has gone up to 37. In parallel, average monthly rental costs have hit a record £800, whilst the older generation, which currently owns in excess of two-thirds of the housing stock, maintains its grip on the market. Buy-to-let is dominated by older owners buying to let to younger workers.

This is having a dramatic effect on society, as younger people put off settling down and starting families because they cannot afford to rent or buy the space required to bring up children.

IF is actively researching possible solutions to the housing deadlock in order to free future generations from the burden of spending an unacceptably high proportion of their income on rents or mortgages.

IF’s first paper on housing was Hoarding of Housing, followed by Understanding Downsizing, Why BTL (buy-to-let) equals “Big Tax Let-off”, and Empty Bedrooms Undermine New Building, all of which are available in the Research section of our website.