The Intergenerational Foundation (IF) researches fairness between generations. IF believes that, while increasing longevity is welcome, government policy must be fair to all generations – old, young or those to come.

IF launches Parents Against Student Debt

Following calls from parents incensed at the level of debt their kids are having to take on, we are launching a campaign to encourage parents to demand a fairer deal for students. That’s why we will be marching with students on 19 November in London. If you want to join us, email for further information. Read more


Generations Apart with Legal & General

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The European Intergenerational Fairness Index 2016

Has Europe let down its young? That is the question the Intergenerational Foundation (IF) strives to answer with the IF European Fairness Index 2016 and our interactive online tool.


IF Index – 2016

The latest Intergenerational Fairness Index reveals that pensions and government debt are key drivers for stagnation of young people’s prospects.

School Visits and Fact Sheets

If you want to give young people an introduction to the key issues surrounding intergenerational fairness why not download our free fact sheets or invite IF to speak at your school or college. Recommended age 16+.

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