The issue

Loaded with debt?

You’re not alone. Millions of Millennials are loaded down with unfair levels of student debt. IF is calling for a fairer deal for students and graduates.

Struggling to get by?

You’re not alone. Sky-high housing costs, low wages, debts, impossible to save… IF is calling on policy-makers to make it more affordable to strike out on your own.

No space for the kids?

You’re not alone. More and more young families are trapped in inadequate rented accommodation. We’re calling for a massive housebuilding programme and fairer taxation on housing.

This is where we can help…

Younger generations are under pressure like never before. IF has been established to draw policy-makers’ attention to this, and to get a fairer deal for young people.

We’re a charity that researches fairness between the generations. Intergenerational fairness is the idea of fairness between different generations alive today as well as between generations alive today and those generations yet to be born. It covers economics, public policy, social justice, and environmental concerns. IF tends to concentrate on the economic impact of government policies in housing, health and higher education, employment, taxation, pensions, voting, transport and environmental degradation.

We’re non-party-political and vehemently independent. We simply provide the evidence needed to say enough is enough.

We think it’s only fair that younger generations should have the same standard of living as generations who have gone before. That means creating a new, fairer contract between the generations; one that reduces intergenerational inequality, and provides for tomorrow as well as today.

And this is where you can help…

Sign-up to one of our campaigns, become a volunteer activist, write for us and help to spread the word, or donate so that we can do more.

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