New data highlight intergenerational conflict over Brexit and the economy

A large share of “extremists” on both sides of the Brexit debate would be happy to see the British economy suffer damage in order to have their way, according to new polling from YouGov. David Kingman looks at the questions this raises for intergenerational fairness 

General Election 2017: waking up to the youth vote

The Labour Party saw it, and the Conservatives missed it: one thing in the recent election that really made its mark was the youth vote. Liz Emerson, co-founder of IF, explores the early signs of a significant shift

How the Brexit bill negotiations are likely to disadvantage the young

Angus Hanton, co-founder of IF, explains why the figure of 100 billion euros has been bandied about, and why Britain’s liabilities are typical of the casual commitments that politicians make, without considering the consequences for younger generations