Rabbit Hutch Homes: The growth of micro-homes

This research uses figures based on analysis of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Open Data, DCLG, and investigates the number of new homes being developed that are below the 37m2 minimum national space standards for a 1-person, 1-bedroom home with a shower. Written by housing expert Colin Wiles, with a foreword by Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor… Read more »

All Consuming Pressures: The cost-of-living crisis facing younger generations

IF’s latest report, supported by Yorkshire Building Society, looks at how much different age groups have to spend on a basket of essentials goods and services in order to investigate how the changing cost of living has affected younger generations: Under-35s households spend close to two thirds (63%) of their weekly expenditure on essentials; 40%… Read more »

The soaring costs of government pensions

How much society pays for pensions is  increasingly an intergenerational fairness issue, and this report updates our 2011 public sector pension report. It uses Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to quantify the number pension recipients receiving public sector pensions of more than £100,000 a year, over £50,000 a year, and pensions of more than the… Read more »

A New Intergenerational Contract

With a preface written by Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, this report sets out the philosophical underpinnings of intergenerational justice concerns. Certainly the philosophy is there – intergenerational justice and themes that relate to it have been analysed and discussed by some of the greatest minds of political philosophy – but a large… Read more »

Escape of the wealthy: The unfairness of the English student finance system

This report looks at the UK higher education fee regime and finds that 10% of the 1 million+ UK-domiciled full-time and part-time students studying first degrees at English universities are likely to escape the student fee system by paying their fees up front, undermining successive government claims that the current system is progressive. The research… Read more »

Baby-boomers concessions: How ticket discounts for a wealthier generation reinforce unfairness

This report looks at 35 of the UK’s leading attractions’ ticketing policies and questions whether their ticketing policies are intergenerationally fair. The report finds that more than 75% of paid-entrance museums, galleries and attractions in the UK are giving £65 million worth of ticket-price concessions each year to the over-60s, regardless of their ability to… Read more »

An Extraordinary Anomaly: Why workers over state pension age should pay National Insurance

An extraordinary anomaly currently exists in the UK tax system. There is a serious imbalance in the tax treatment of UK workers who belong to different age groups. People who work beyond their state pension age become exempt from paying National Insurance contributions, a tax break which the Intergenerational Foundation believes has now become impossible to… Read more »

Rigged: How the North Sea oil and gas industry is undermining future generations

This paper explains how each child in the UK could be handed a toxic bill of up to £3,000 if the government allows North Sea oil and gas companies to escape their decommissioning obligations. The bill for the expensive legacy of decommissioning 3,000 pipelines covering 8,000 kilometres, 5,000 wells, 250 fixed installations and 250 subsea… Read more »