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The IF Regional Unfairness Index: where do young people do worst?

Where do young people fare worst in the UK? This report uses data from IF’s pioneering index of intergenerational unfairness to examine how the problems facing young people vary by region across the UK.

By examining a range of different measures of intergenerational unfairness – including housing costs, youth unemployment, levels of engagement with democracy among young people, and how well young people do at school and university – IF was able to produce a map showing which regions are doing better than others when it comes to giving their young people the best start in life.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the data reveals a sharp north/south divide, with Yorkshire and the North East doing significantly worse than London and the South East (and Northern Ireland). The areas in which each region does particularly well are highlighted, as well as those where more improvement is needed, so this study should provide plenty of food for thought for local policy-makers in each of these regions.