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Student debt myth no. 1: A 6.1% interest rate is reasonable

As concern about an unsustainable student finance system is growing quickly along with how universities are conducting themselves and delivering value to students, Ian Wells, PASD (Parents Against Student Debt) supporter, challenges some core myths in a series of five articles 

Intergenerational fairness: the key to the 2017 election?

David Kingman looks at what the UK’s major political parties have had to say about intergenerational fairness in their manifestos With barely two full weeks of campaigning still to unfold before Britain goes to the polls for the snap general election on 8 June, the major parties have now all launched their hastily-written manifestos. What… Read more »

IF influences policy

From research report to policy change – IF’s journey on Buy-to-Let By challenging unfair buy-to-let policies, IF has scored a notable victory for young people struggling to gain a secure foothold in the housing market. The UK private rented sector witnessed explosive growth after rent restrictions were abolished by the Thatcher government in the late… Read more »