Letter to the Editor – The Guardian

“I take great umbrage at David Blunkett’s comments against age-based restrictions in emerging from lockdown (Older people could face extended coronavirus lockdown, Lords hears, 23 April). Until a vaccine is found we have to continue to shield older people, but we also have to face our economy shrinking. Since our welfare system is largely based on income taxes, we need young people to earn and pay those very taxes upon which our pensions depend.

The young have been the heroes in lockdown. They have stalled their futures to help protect older relatives. They have lost jobs, homes, incomes and education. They have volunteered, delivered food, and stocked shelves to feed the nation. The young have proved themselves to be the packhorse heroes of the pandemic and the least old-age lobby groups can do is support young people’s exit from lockdown to get the economy going.”

Ashley Seager
Co-founder, Intergenerational Foundation